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Five Products That Are Perfect For A Quarantine


The truth is that most people have some slightly smelly days as they transition from traditional deodorant to cleaner options that don’t contain aluminum and chemicals. For the majority, this transition period only lasts a few days and at most can last a week or two for a few of us. Applying a charcoal or clay mask to your pits is a great idea when you stop using traditional deodorant - it will help detoxify your underarms from the bacteria that is causing the funk. It is also completely normal to need to apply the new natural deodorant twice a day instead of once a day for the first few days. Honestly, aluminum-free deodorant is a really important clean beauty switch to make so it’s worth giving it a try. What better time to try out a safer option that might cause temporary stinkiness than when you’re home with the people who love you the most?


This experience is anxiety-inducing for most of us, but we also know that anxiety doesn’t serve us and that we should help our families feel more calm and safe. In order to model a less anxious reaction to everything happening in the world right now, we need to soothe our own fears. Taking a bath is one of my favorite ways to do this, personally. It gives you time and space to work through your thoughts, the scents of our bath products are calming and therapeutic, and your body truly feels better by the end of even 20 minutes of soaking in some combination of salts, herbs, flowers, and oils. I don’t know about you, but I typically find it challenging to find the time to actually draw myself a bath. Well, guess what we have oodles of now: time at home.


Self-care is something else that is hard for many of us to fit into our daily schedule because of a lack of time in our typically over-scheduled and over-worked days. While we are all still definitely working all day, for most of us, we are now working entirely from home. One silver lining we can create out of this new reality is to add self-care into our daily routine. Doing 1-2 face masks a week is a great way to improve your skin, feel cared for and relax. Heck, you can even do them in the middle of the day now…just maybe wait until after that Zoom meeting.


Hair appointments simply aren’t a reality right now. However, our gray hairs didn’t get this memo. Whether you are newly being forced to let your gray hairs shine due to quarantine, or were already letting them do their thing, this is a great time to have some fun with them and remind ourselves that aging is a privilege not afforded all, right? Try the Silver Fox shimmer hair spray to add some sparkle to your silvers. Or, if fitting in showers has become a challenge as you work from home, homeschool your kids, and stay healthy all while trying to maintain sanity, this is a great time for a salt spray or dry shampoo option to keep your hair looking fresh, even if you’re working in your pjs.


While this one doesn’t apply to everyone, being home all day with the entire family has led many families to go on more walks, bike rides or jogs than they typically would. Those with yards or balconies are also simply sending kids outside as often as possible for fresh air and physical activity. All of this time outdoors is excellent, but it is much more time in the sun than our skin is used to so if you weren’t applying daily sunscreen before, we should all begin now.

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