Bamboo Face Mask Kit
Bamboo Face Mask Kit
Bamboo Face Mask Kit
Bamboo Face Mask Kit

Bamboo Face Mask Kit

Annie's Advice: Don't use your kid's paint brush or the kitchen basting brush on your face, please. Have you ever seen all of the surfaces those touch? Be kind to yourself and buy this face mask kit so the same brush that has definitely 'seen some things' is not then caressing your face.

Whether you're using one of the face masks we offer, or even creating your own, having a designated face mask bowl, mixer and brush is a great idea. This bamboo set comes in its own canvas bag that has enough space for you to add your favorite masking headband as well. Take your face mask experience to the next level with this elegant kit.
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The best sanitary and chic way to apply face masks is to have a designated face mask kit that has a bowl, mixer and brush. 


Bamboo Spoon// Bamboo Bowl// Wooden Brush// Canvas zip pouch


Using the bamboo spoon, add the correct amount of dry mask product into the bamboo bowl. Add the correct amount of water/toner/hydrosol/apple cider vinegar and stir, using the bamboo spoon. Apply the mask to your face with the brush. While your face mask is drying, rinse the spoon, bowl and brush and allow to fully dry before placing back in their canvas zip pouch. Relax and let the face mask work its magic!