Rock Creek Soaps - Shower + Bath Tablet (Soothing)
Rock Creek Soaps - Shower + Bath Tablet (Soothing)

Rock Creek Soaps - Shower + Bath Tablet (Soothing)

Annie's Advice: Need to wash (or steam) those worries away after a long week? This is the right tablet for the job!

Enjoy a special bath by dropping this fizzing bath bomb in and enjoying the rejuvenating scents of Fresh Lavender & Clean Clary Sage.  Or, use it to create an aromatherapy shower experience by placing it in the corner of your shower and allowing the steam (plus one splash of water!) activate this effervescent tablet.

It's hard to find bath bombs and shower aromatherapy steamers with truly clean ingredients and without dyes or unsafe fragrances. This tablet is a true gem because it is not only clean, but is designed to be used in a bath or shower, thereby increasing how many ways you can use it. (It also makes a great gift for someone who doesn't have bathtubs in their home!)

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French Lavender - In Steam: calming; anxiety reducer; relieves insomnia and depression; lessens headaches; reduces nausea insomnia//Topically: anti-inflammatory; reduces redness and swelling; can relieve dry, itchy skin by adding moisture Clary Sage - In steam: aphrodisiac; induces euphoric feelings; calms stomach; sleep aid; fights depression//Topically: anti-inflammatory; wound healing; anti-microbial


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, Coconut Oil, Polysorbate 80, therapeutic grade Essential Oils


For Aromatic Fizzing Bath: drop bath tablet into bath water to activate effervescent fizz. For Aromatherapy Shower: to create the perfect aromatic shower place bath tablet away from the direct spray adding a splash of water to activate. Each tablet will last 2+ showers.