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Franklin & Whitman - Laurel Hill Facial Toner
Franklin & Whitman - Laurel Hill Facial Toner

Franklin & Whitman - Laurel Hill Facial Toner

Annie's Advice: Sometimes your skin really needs toner and hydration, like a mini-facial. When that's the case, this is is your spray.

When your skin not only needs a refreshing pick me up, but also needs to be rebalanced to its healthiest pH, this unisex toner is a fabulous option. Simultaneously soothing and cooling, this alcohol-free formula gently tones and refines skin without drying or depleting natural oils. Formulated with organic, pure plant hydrosols, this ultra-refreshing blend instantly boosts your skin's natural moisture leaving skin perfectly clean, soft and supple. Featuring fresh, organic, hydrating hydrosols of Cucumber, Hibiscus, Sweet Orange, as well as the toning benefits of Witch Hazel, this all-natural mist balances pH and rehydrates skin with an instant energizing lift, perfect to use whenever your skin needs some TLC.

Skin Types: All, Combination, Dull, Dry, Oily, Uneven, Teen, Aging


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Balances the pH of your skin. Tones skin without drying. Alcohol-free. Organic. Cucumber, Hibiscus and Sweet Orange - Hydrate. Witch Hazel - Tones; tightens pores.


Gently apply with cotton pad, or with eyes and mouth closed, spray directly over face. Recommended for use after cleansing and before applying moisturizer.


Ingredients: Organic Citrus Sinensis Hydrosol, Organic Cucumis Sativus Hydrosol, Organic Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Hydrosol, Organic Hamamelis Hydrosol