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Iyoba - Bath Bomb - Rose + Sandalwood
Iyoba - Bath Bomb - Rose + Sandalwood
Iyoba - Bath Bomb - Rose + Sandalwood
Iyoba - Bath Bomb - Rose + Sandalwood

Iyoba - Bath Bomb - Rose + Sandalwood

Annie's Advice: If you're looking for love, start by gifting this bath bomb alongside the Rose + Sandalwood Massage and Bath Oil by Iyoba. Next, buy yourself these two items to have on display by your bathtub for when the moment's right or you just need an evening of luxurious pampering yourself.

These handmade bath bombs are the epitome of elegant, decadent luxury. When you really want to pamper someone (or yourself) definitely add these to your order.   Of course the ingredients are ones you can trust that will be gentle with even sensitive skin (the maker of these bath bombs started her business to help her own son with his eczema) but you will also be wowed by the sensual scent combination of rose and sandalwood.  These are also pretty enough to set out near the bathtub for display with their simple tissue wrapping, tied with black raffia and the inside bath bomb is gorgeous as well, topped with dried rose buds.




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Bath bombs create an atmosphere of relaxation and indulgence. They mark a special occasion, even if that special occasion is simply you putting your physical and mental health as a priority.  The baking soda, citric acid and witch hazel all soften and condition your skin. The scents of Rose and Sandalwood release anxiety.


Place in a warm bath. Step into the warm bath. Enjoy.


Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Witch Hazel, Botanicals (rose buds), Iyoba's Essential Oil Blend