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Lo & Behold - Chamomile & Ylang Ylang Bath Soak (8 oz)
Lo & Behold - Chamomile & Ylang Ylang Bath Soak (8 oz)

Lo & Behold - Chamomile & Ylang Ylang Bath Soak (8 oz)

Annie's Advice: If your skin is dry, itchy, or irritated, definitely try this bath soak. Personally, I use this when I need extreme relaxation...and also when I want to feel magical surrounded by floating calendula flowers.

Oatmeal, chamomile and calendula in one product? You know your skin will be calm and happy after this bath. Calendula flowers bobbing around the tub seem like the star of this show (and are definitely a delightful highlight) but the true magic comes from this powerful combination of skin-soothing ingredients. If you enjoy a special bath but don't love bath salts, this is a great alternative. Additionally, if you are having any skin irritation - even eczema, psoriasis or poison ivy - this bath soak is a must. Even if you don't have irritated or sensitive skin, this bath soak is such a wonderful experience that will leave your skin calm and silky due to its comforting ingredients and nourishing coconut milk and your mind relaxed with the scent of chamomile, rose, sweet orange, and ylang ylang. This bath soak will give a truly tranquil bath experience.

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Oatmeal - full of antioxidants and naturally occurring saponin which make the ideal cleanser and exfoliator for even the most sensitive skin

Coconut milk - high levels of Vitamin C which helps maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin

Kaolin clay - gently cleanses skin without over-drying, and stimulates cell production

Calendula - calms skin irritation and redness, and reduces the occurrence of dry skin

Chamomile - soothes skin inflammation

Rose - cleanses, purifies, firms and tones the skin; reduces redness of skin

Sweet orange - used in aromatherapy to help with anxiety, depression, and sleep

Ylang Ylang - renowned for its mood enhancing, sedative, antidepressant, beautifying and aphrodisiac properties; beneficial for the immune system, cardiovascular system and endocrine system, relaxing the body while liberating the mind of negative emotions


Pour desired amount into running water. For an extra moisturizing bath add Body Oil or a bit of olive oil. This soak is excellent for soothing itchy skin and conditions like poison ivy and psoriasis. (Flower petals may remain in the tub after use) Each jar contains 5-10 baths.


Oatmeal*,coconut milk*, kaolin clay, sodium bicarbonate, calendula+, and essential oil of: chamomile, rose, sweet orange, and ylang ylang. *Certified Organic. +Grown by Waterdog Farms or Maple Spring Gardens in North Carolina