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Pretty Frank. - Hand Sanitizer (2 oz)
Pretty Frank. - Hand Sanitizer (2 oz)

Pretty Frank. - Hand Sanitizer (2 oz)

Annie's Advice: Protect yourself and your safely using 80% alcohol sanitizer that doesn't have any additional ingredients that could actually end up causing you harm. Keep it simple, keep it safe, keep some Pretty Frank. hand sanitizer on you.

Looking for hand sanitizer that's easy to bring with you, easy to apply and full of the proper percentage of Antiseptic Alcohol and nothing else? We've got you. Not all hand sanitizers are created equal so buy yours from brands and businesses you already know and trust. Pretty Frank. went above and beyond with this hand sanitizer by using 80% alcohol (rather than the CDC recommended minimum of 70%) and can be used on hands or surfaces. 


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80% Alcohol - 10% higher than the CDC recommended minimum to ensure that it kills bacteria and viruses, like Covid-19


80% Alcohol Glycerin Hydrogen Peroxide Purified Water USP


Spray the sanitizer on your hands or on other surfaces that need sanitizing. Allow to dry.