Red Rose Naturals - Beard Balm
Red Rose Naturals - Beard Balm

Red Rose Naturals - Beard Balm

Annie's Advice: When your beard needs a little more shaping and control, but you still want to use ingredients that will help it stay healthy, try this balm. A balm is the way to go if you need to travel frequently so that you aren't troubled with carry-on liquid limits or worries of it spilling.

Lovingly tame your beard with this moisturizing beard balm. Not only will your beard stay soft and shiny when you use this balm, but it will prevent dandruff and itchy skin.  This balm is also great for travel so that you aren't packing a liquid - keep your beard soft, robust and conditioned all over the world!

Skin/Hair Types: Dry, Combination

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Balm - The solid state of the balm, in its metal tin, makes it idea for travel. Shea Butter - moisturizes dry and damaged hair and skin; beard softener; smooths and softens hair follicles; aids in prevention of dandruff and eczema; protects against environment, as well as cold and heat; seals in moisture and has anti-aging properties. Coconut Oil - can sitmulate beard growth, nourishes and heals the skin beneath your beard, prevents growth of wild hairs, softens hair. Jojoba Oil - non-comedogenic, which means it is light and won't clog pores. Black Castor Oil - rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it will moisturize, thicken, strenghten hair; increases hair growth. Almond Oil - rich in vitamin E, potassium, zinc and fatty acids, it will increase beard growth, eliminate dandruff and reduce .inflammation. Beeswax - helps to style the beard, as it keeps hairs together, as well as keeping hair soft and clean; works as a sealant to repel dirt and grime; adds shine.


Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Black Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Local Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Essential Oil Blend


Rub and Massage thoroughly into all areas of your beard, in the morning, after a shower and as needed.